Peanut Brittle, American Favorite

Peanut brittle is an old-fashioned kind of candy. It has been an American favorite for many decades, because its main ingredient, peanuts, comes from the American garden—not from some faraway and exotic place. This meant that even those who lived far from cities and sources of imported goods could produce homemade candy. Mothers made it in their kitchens for their families and friends and as holiday gifts; children enjoyed pitching in on a family enterprise.

Today far fewer people cook at home the way they used to, but peanut brittle remains a favorite sweet, for themselves and to give. Brenda’s Perfect Brittle is the perfect place to buy the very best delicious, old-fashioned candy that people remember. In addition, customers can try all the delectable varieties of peanut brittle that Brenda’s has for sale: chocolate peanut brittle, coconut peanut brittle, chocolate-covered peanut brittle, softpeanut brittle. Treat your taste buds at Brenda’s Perfect Brittle, and treat your friends.