Brittle Gifts

Do you like to give candy as a gift? A great many people do, and nearly everyone enjoys receiving it as a gift. All too often, when contemplating candy gifts, people’s thoughts turn to chocolates, it’s true. But Brenda’s Peanut Brittle is a brilliant choice for candy gifts because it is fun to eat, not messy as chocolates can be—and not as rich as chocolate creams and such.

Perhaps the potential candy gifter thinks that there is just… peanut brittle, and more peanut brittle. But Brenda’s Peanut Brittle is far from the standard-issue “box of chocolates”: it does come in boxes, but also in gift baskets, and even in cellophane bags. It comes in many flavors, including coconut, chocolate and chocolate-covered. So you can give the best chocolate gift of all… in the form of delicious Brenda’s Brittle!